Oversees all aspects of recruitment and cultivation of existing member relationships. They will schedule and lead interview sessions of prospective members and work collaboratively with special events to host recruitment, networking, and membership growth opportunities.

PR/Social Media
Collaborates with other committees to advertise and market all events, engaging the community through online social networking and submitting information in a timely manner to all media outlets. This committee will help build awareness of the RMHI YPB and the House in general.

Corporate Sponsorship
Determines sponsorship needs for YPB events. Responsible for initiating and upholding YPB relationships with supporters and fundraising partners. The corporate sponsorship committee will also be responsible for working with the RMHI staff and YPB at large to ensure a streamlined approach when considering new sponsors.

Supports the board’s fund raising activities by planning and executing all events.

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Thank you to all of our volunteers that participate on YPB Committees!